The Venetian Naoussa Castle

The Venetian Castle in the town of Naoussa in Paros was originally built by the Venetians in the late 13th to early 14th century (the characteristic circular tower was added later on, around 1500). The castle, known in Paros as Casteli, is a defensive fort, built to protect the port and the medieval Naoussa settlement from the pirates.

The Venetian Castle in the town of Naoussa in Paros encircles the picturesque port of Naoussa and unfailingly attracts the crowds each year. It came under siege in 1537 and after it was taken by the Turks, the way opened for the rest of Paros to be conquered by the Turks.

Today part of the Venetian Naoussa castle is sunk under the sea; yet, this significant late-medieval monument remains one of Paros’ greatest attractions. Its location makes it one of the most romantic spots on the island of Paros.

At the south-eastern medieval gate of Naoussa Castle you can also visit Saint Nicolas’ Chapel, also known as Saint Nicolas Mostratos. This beautiful chapel in bright Cycladic colours complements the idyllic scenery in Naoussa port.