On the top of a hill on the northern side of Parikia lies the Apollon & Artemis sanctuary. It is called Delion because it is facing the sacred island of Delos. The sanctuary was founded in the late 9th century BC and continued to be used until the 5th century BC. During that period on the northern side of the archaic temple another temple was built out of marble, in praise of Artemis, sister of Apollon. Amongst other ruins scattered around Deleon an ancient cemetery that dates back to about 3000 BC was discovered.

The area surrounding Delion was also used throughout ancient times for the fryktorias system, a communication method that used an organized network of flames to spread a message throughout large distances. This particular technique had been used by Agamemnon to inform his wife Klytemnistra in Mykynes that Troy had fallen. That message travelled over 700 km in only a few hours.

On a clear day many surrounding islands are visible and the view is worth the hike!