Festivals in Paros

Throughout the year, but especially in summer, visitors of Paros have the chance to celebrate alongside the local people in the many festivals that take place here.

Below we have compiled a list of the most popular summer festivals by date:

June 23: Festival of Kledona. It is a celebration where a pyre is lit and the wreaths from May 1st are burnt. The young and the children then jump over the pyre to send away evil spirits, according to tradition.

June 30: A celebration is held on the eve of Saint Anaryiri at the monastery of Saint Anaryiri, near Parikia.

July 2: Special happenings and events at the famed Wine and Fish Festival in Naoussa.

July 16 & 17: Saint Marina’s Festival in Kostos Village

July 17: Tsambouna revival in Naoussa

July 24: Saint Anna’s Festival in Parikia

August 6: The Saviour’s Festival in Aliki and Marpissa

August 15: This date in Paros is synonymous to the Ekatontapiliani Church. In this Holy Pilgrimage thousands of believers attend the service, pray, and receive Communion. The service is performed as per the traditional official ritual, and is then followed by a great parade alongside Saint Mary’s icon in the streets of Parikia. At night, all the boats in the harbour are lit up and fireworks illuminate the sky. The fiesta is complete with events of traditional music and dances at the beach of Parikia.

August 23: The Pirates Festival commemorates Barbarossa’s 1537 invasion of Naoussa. On that occasion, the legendary pirate’s men stole away the women of Naoussa causing the Naoussa men to go to battle in order to get them back.

August 28 & 29: It is a celebration in honour of Saint John (Ai-Yannis) Detis, in the eponymous monastery in the Environmental and Cultural Park. A traditional festival also takes place in the village of Lefkes.