Distances from Panos Studios to the most important beaches and attractions in Paros

Distances from the most beautiful beaches in Paros:

  • 600m from Livadia Beach
  • 1.5km from the beach Parasporos
  • 2km from the beach Marcello
  • 2km from the beach Aries
  • 2km from Agia Irini
  • 12km from the beach Faragas
  • 15km from the beach Santa Maria
  • 15km from the Golden Coast

Distances from the most popular attractions of Paros:

  • 30m from Ekatontapyliani Church
  • 100m from the Archaeological Museum
  • 200m from the Frankish Castle
  • 200m from the Ancient Cemetery
  • 2km from Delion
  • 5km from the Valley of the Butterflies